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      Brine King 2 Unstrung Lacrosse Head

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      New for the 2018 Brine Lacrosse releases the next installment in their popular King line The Brine King 2 Unstrung Lacrosse Head. The head offers Brines most advanced technologies to come to their line of heads. The King 2 is designed and engineered for maximum ball control and precision accuracy in any weather conditions.

      The Brine King 2 is different from the The Brine King 2 ST in that it is designed with a more streamlined mold for offensive players.

      Advancing from the original King the Brine King 2 offers the Throat-Loc and Vari-Flex.

      The Brine King 2 offers their patented Vari-Flex it is a technology that inserts stiffer materials into strategic sections of the head to control flex to adapt to multiple playing styles. The Vari-Flex also helps the head to maintain stiffness in hot weather conditions. The bottom rail is designed to have the head strung up with a mid-low pocket for offensive player who carry the ball lower in their stick.

      Strategic Core-Tech eliminates excess weight and adds stiffness to strategic areas of the head for more accuracy and control. The head also features a versatile bottom rail to give the player many options on what pocket placement they would like.

      What makes the Brine King 2 special is the Loc-Throat technology that eliminates shaft rattle and adds stability. As the head is screwed onto the shaft the Loc-Throat flares out to provide both internal and external pressure for a secured fit. This head is not compatible with certain shafts that are solid by the screw holes. Check before buying.

      If you are an elite offensive player who loved the original King but are looking for a head with increased durability and no head rattle.

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