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      ECD Lacrosse Rebel Unstrung Defense Lacrosse Head

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      East Coast Dyes take their vast knowledge of mesh and stringing tactics and adapts it into a head with the ECD Lacrosse Rebel Unstrung Defense Lacrosse Head, designed to throw punishing checks, dominate ground balls, and fire blistering shots.

      Built for defenders who want to strike fear in their opponents, the Rebel Defense comes with an aggressive design and ultra-stiff construction that allow it to not only take a beating, but deliver one as well.

      A tighter face shape and a more aggressive pinch give you the advantage with the rock in your stick as well, as the Rebel Defense offers better ball control than most other defensive heads on the market, and creates a channel capable of firing shots and torching goalies off of a clear. The rounded scoop helps guide the ball into the head off of groundballs, creating quicker release times and better feel for the ball.

      If you're an elite level defender looking for a head that will let you throw down the hammer, run through groundballs with ease, and rack up points on the offensive end, get yourself an ECD Lacrosse Rebel Unstrung Defense Lacrosse Head today.

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