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      Epoch Integra Z-One Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick

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      Epoch offers an elite complete stick with the Epoch Z-One Integra Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick. Epoch is pairing their Integra 2 with the new revolutionary Z-One head.

      The ultimate blend of speed and control, the Z-One Head is engineered with a narrow face shape and high flair for maximum control. Using Epoch’s new Knot Lock Technology, the Z-One is not only designed perfectly for elite stringers, but it also reduces weight along the sidewalls without sacrificing durability.

      Built with the same attention to detail as the flagship Dragonfly shaft, the Integra 2 offers a uniform Flex Point that allows for players to generate better control and torque. A tighter unidirectional carbon fiber pattern allows the Integra to reduce weight without sacrificing strength.

      Designed for ultimate customization to fit a player’s specs, the Integra 2 offers two different flex points. These range from the iQ5 Flex Point for shooters who generate more torque, to the iQ9 Flex Point, designed for younger players looking for added snap on shots and passes.

      By combining the Z-One head with their Integra 2 shaft, Epoch has created a lightweight and durable setup. Perfect for goal-scorers looking for a technological advantage over their opponents.

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