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      Maverik Axiom Vertex Women's Complete Lacrosse Stick


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      Vertex Pocket
      • High Hold: Molded sweet spot to the exact shape of the ball maximizes hold and increases control
      • Consistent Channel: Outer runners shaped for driving the ball to the sweet spot for a quicker release.
      • Vertex Material: Maintains consistent pocket shape and form in all weather conditions. A consistent pocket promotes consistent shooting and increases accuracy.
      • Proudly strung in New York.
      Axiom Head
      • Minimum legal pinched face shape channels the ball to the sweet spot for a quick release on the move.
      • Scoop shape optimized for accurate passing and shooting.
      • Shielded sidewall and scoop holes protect stringing from wear and tear.
      • Stiff sidewall design delivers greater energy transfer during shooting
      Complete with the new Axiom Shaft.
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