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      Maverik Centrik U Unstrung Lacrosse Head

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      Continuing the success of the Optik and the Tank is the Maverik Centrik U Unstrung Lacrosse Head, designed to deliver maximum velocity and control on the offensive end, while provided the strength needed to fight on the defensive end.

      A narrow throat in the Centrik U offers maximum control and helps create a tighter channel, boosting accuracy and consistency.

      Maverik's 3-Strut Design in the Centrik U is offers the optimal balance of lightweight and stiffness, allowing for tough defensive plays without sacrificing speed on the offensive end.

      Built with a Level 4 Bottom Rail designed for a mid-high pocket, the Centrik U gives the player added power and consistent hold, perfect for not only carrying the ball into the offensive end, but for beating your man and driving hard to the cage. However, multiple stringing holes allow for custom pocket options to truly adjust your gear to fit your game.

      If you're a two-way midfielder looking to dominate both sides of the field, the Maverik Centrik U Unstrung Lacrosse Head is the one for you.

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