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      Maverik LX Women's Lacrosse Starter Package


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      Designed for the youth player, the LX Starter package comes complete with the Cascade LX Headgear, Vertigo Complete Stick, and Backpack.

        Cascade LX Headgear
      • Integrated Goggle: The integrated goggle system increases face comfort and improves user experience with an easy ability to gear up compared to separate goggles and headgear
      • Fit System: Interchangeable cheek pads and the rear adjustable strap provide a dialed-in, one size fit for different head shapes and sizes. Designed for play with either mid-high or low pony tails
      • Protection: XRD Technology, a pliable and multi-purpose foam offers maximum comfort with the ability to dissipate forces experienced upon impact
      • Flexible Shell: The Cascade LX outer shell is tough on impact, but still maintains the flexibility required by the ASTM standard. The outer shell also has plenty of room for team customization
      • Meets 2 ASTM Standards and SEI Certification for: F3137 for Women's Lacrosse Headgear & F3077 For Women's Lacrosse Goggles
        Vertigo Complete Stick
      • Designed for the versatile player, the Vertigo offers control and stability throughout the length of the field
      • The Swivel Pocket Pro offers easy break-in and stratetic grip points to hold the ball in the sweet spot
      • Easy headgear transport backpack
      • Mesh water bottle carrier
      • Two outside zipper pockets for quick access to mouthguard, hair ties, etc.
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