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      Mueller Hg80 Rigid Ankle Brace

      As low as $14.98
      Original Price $19.98 You Save 25% Original Price $19.98 You Save  

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      • Provides superior protection and helps support weak or injured ankles
      • Helps prevent inversion/eversion sprains
      • This unique open-back sleeve with convenient step-in design increases comfort, control and makes it easy to put on
      • Top and cross straps are fully adjustable to lock brace in position; cross strap provides additional lateral support as well as support across the talar joint
      • Rigid shells and pre-inflated Aircast Aircells cushion the brace and form superior top-to-bottom medial-lateral support to help prevent injury or reinjury
      • Easy on step in design with a unique open-back rear entry for fast and easy on/off
      • Features an Achilles strap and a heel-lock crossing strap to lock brace in position and provide additional lateral support
      • Latex free high performance fabric for all-day comfort and durability
      • Neoprene front panel contributes to comfortable fit
      • Nylon mesh Carry Bag protects your clothing and other equipment in your gym bag from hook & loop straps
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