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      Odor Crusher Ozone XL Sports Equipment Closet


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      New for 2020 is the Odor Crusher XL Sports Closet! This closet helps eliminate odors from your sports equipment within 30 minutes thanks to a small “generator” on the interior that emits a chemical-free ozone spray. Simply store your gear inside, turn the unit on, and let the process begin. Furthermore, the Odor Crusher XL Sports Closet features adjustable shelves, making it a great option for storing gear in your garage or basement by keeping it condensed and organized. This updated model is six inches deeper than its predecessor, giving players even more storage space for their equipment.

      Moving to the construction of the Odor Crusher XL Sports Closet, this updated model is built using strong and lightweight metal shelving, allowing for maximum durability. Additionally, it features a heavy-duty liner and zipper system, providing added durability against most climates and environments.

      Keep your sports equipment fresh and organized with the Odor Crusher XL Sports Closet!

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