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      Shock Doctor Gel Max Power Mouthguard


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      This is high profile comfort and protection in a low-profile design. Fully revamped for 2017, Gel Max Power features a tight, natural fit and a reinforced inner grid worthy of any sport. Power on.

      CLASSIC FIT: Traditional and original, all-around performer

    2. Mandibular Orthopedic Reposition Appliance (AKA MORA) Performance Enhancement : Properly aligns/positions lower jaw which may increase strength and athletic performance
    3. Gel-Fit Liner : Custom molds to teeth for tight, comfortable fit
    4. Updated Monocoque Chassis: Improved structure results in a great balance between strength and weight
    5. Triple Layer Tech: More layers, more protection and better fit
    6. Cohesive Inner Grid: Reinforced for triple layer protection
    7. Single chassis shock frame shields teeth and jaw from side impacts
    8. Tri-bite stabilizers align the upper and lower jaw
    9. Quick release tether allows the mouthguard to be used strapped or strapless
    10. Meets national and state high school rules
    11. Latex Free, BPA Free, Phthalate Free
    12. Reinforced outer frame for increased protection
    13. High-impact tech in a low-profile design
    14. $10,000 Dental Warranty
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