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      StringKing Women’s Legend W Strung Lacrosse Head

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      The Legend W head and Type W mesh pocket were designed together by StringKing’s expert team of engineers and stringers. The result is a pocket with better hold, more control, and unmatched consistency.

      • Legend W head
      • Type W mesh
      • Mid pocket

      Why StringKing Legend W?

      • Increased control. The higher pocket placement and forward return of the Legend W, combined with the innovative design of Type W, creates a more focused pocket that gives you more hold and better ball control.
      • More consistency. The Legend W with a Type W pocket provides unmatched consistency in a women’s head. No bagging out. No adjustments. Just consistent performance.
      • Faster hands. The superior materials and design of the Legend W make it a stiff and durable weapon while the lightweight pocket delivers more control. That means faster hands, faster shots, and more consistent performance.
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